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Yamaha yas82z custom z eb alto saxophone=======$650usd

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We are Registered and Legitmate electronics company based in the Hong Kong,we are one of the leading company here in our company deal in sales and distributing electronics products,equipment and musical instrumental,we sell all electronics products such as,MUSICAL INSTRUMENTAL and also we will like you to know that all our products comes with 2 years international warranty from the manufacturer and we offer 6 months return policy to all our Customers,we like our Customers to know that,we dropship to our Customers client everywhere in the world and also we will like our Customers to know that we are always at their service and feel free to contact us and you obtain more information about our company and also our services.

Email: tradeplaceltd@gmail.com


Yamaha YAS82Z Custom Z Eb Alto Saxophone===================$650usd

Yamaha YAS-62II Professional Eb Alto Saxophone=============$600usd

Yamaha YAS-82ZB Professional Alto Saxophone Black==========$700usd

Yamaha YBS-52 Intermediate Bari Sax========================$950usd

Yamaha YTS-62II Professional Bb Tenor Saxophone============$650usd

Yamaha YTS-82Z Custom Z Tenor Saxophone====================$800usd

Yamaha YSS-675 Professional Soprano Sax====================$800usd

Yamaha YAS-875EX Custom Alto Saxophone=====================$750usd

Yamaha YTS-475 Intermediate Bb Tenor Saxophone=============$600usd

Yamaha YSS-475II Intermediate Soprano Saxophone============$500usd

Yamaha YTS-875S Tenor Sax==================================$850usd

Yamaha YTS-23 Tenor Sax====================================$550usd

Yamaha YSS-675S Professional SopranoSax====================$800usd

Yamaha YBS-62 Professional Bari Sax========================$1100usd

Yamaha YTS-875EX Custom Tenor Saxophone====================$800usd

Yamaha YSS-875EX Custom EX Soprano Saxophone===============$800usd

Yamaha YTS-82ZU Professional Tenor Saxophone===============$800usd

Yamaha YAS-82ZU Professional Alto Saxophone Unlacquered====$650usd

Yamaha YAS-82ZS Professional Alto Saxophone Silver=========$700usd

Yamaha YAS-62IIS Professional Alto Saxophone Silver========$600usd

Yamaha YTS-82ZB Professional Tenor Saxophone===============$800usd

Yamaha YTS-82ZS Professional Tenor Saxophone===============$800usd

Yamaha YTS-62IIS Professional Tenor Sax====================$700usd

L.A. Sax LA-650 Artist Bb Soprano Saxophone================$250usd

Jupiter 847SG Soprano Sax Outfit===========================$600usd

Amati ABS 64 Baritone Saxophone============================$850usd

Amati Blem ABS 64 Baritone Saxophone=======================$750usd

Keilwerth Shadow Tenor Saxophone===========================$1100usd

Giardinelli GS312 Alto Saxophone===========================$300usd

Giardinelli GS312 Tenor Saxophone==========================$400usd

Giardinelli GS512 Tenor Saxophone==========================$400usd

Giardinelli Blem GS812T Tenor Saxophone====================$500usd

Giardinelli GS812A Alto Saxophone==========================$650usd

contact us at:-

Email: tradeplaceltd@gmail.com


Tenor yamaha custom yts-82-z vendo


Yts 62 silver tenores s tiendas de venta en buenos


Saxo soprano yamaha yas 472


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Fotos de Yamaha YAS82Z Custom Z Eb Alto Saxophone=======$650usd

Fotos de Yamaha YAS82Z Custom Z Eb Alto Saxophone=======$650usd

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